We are young and growing quickly

Join us, better Leeeta than never

Don’t be fooled, this is a completely different
and unique way of searching for travel.

We are striving for a more fluid, honest information sharing way to enquiring about travel. The AI and VR bouncers or coming. Also We are not after your an outrageous % of your booking margin. I mean we are free for now. You are most welcome. No-one like things shoved down their throats and lets be honest, that is the online travel industry currently. Buyer sniffs Barcelona and they get every hot beach option in the war chest.
Leeeta’s goal is simple, change the travel funnel. Okay, appreciate the problem is not simple, but our solution is. Booking travel is a personal thing, an endeavour of trust, a sprinkling of hope, good character shines through for an advantage is shown. Creating experiences and being a plus 1 along with the group before booking show character.

Constant contact

Leeeta users can save your travel tile in their quick links for when they are ready

Immediate search

We create a search data pack that users can send

Main API connections

Ask to send on chat with one click

Work a lead

You’ve got a good product right? Keep charming

Open Chat

AI is going to be doing the hard stuff

Like and share

Take the pressure off. Be rewarded for being good and decent for future buyers

Customise your content

Finally everyone on the same platform looking at travel!

100% margin

As we said we are a service, and will in the future be charging a platform fee

Unique white label

We are working very hard to plug and play the next in AI and VR

So what it Leeeta travel tile?

It is a place where you get to be you.
It 5 Instagram images that pertain that goes to the user because they are relevant
It’s the next step in reaching clients